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Asphalt Seal Coating

Does your asphalt road, parking lot, or driveway need a facelift? If it looks old and worn, but hasn't yet got large cracks or significant damage, now's the time to consider sealing it. Sealing, when practical, saves money in the long run since you won't have to repair or repave as frequently.

Whether you call it seal coat, blacktop, slurry seal, or pavement sealer — asphalt seal coating is a wonderful way to preserve the utility and life expectancy of your asphalt investment. AC Asphalt uses a high quality seal coat emulsion mixture. We squeegee apply seal coat to existing asphalt surfaces to protect and prolong the integrity of the surface. Applying it with a squeegee allows us to put down a very thick coat of sealer that will help protect your asphalt from the elements, high traffic, oil leaks, etc. Seal coating is a very cost effective way to enhance the appearance of your property; giving it a new, fresh look.

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